Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and Family Law


Do you feel Disadvantaged by your Spouse?

Divorce can be complex, full of emotion, involve children and assets and your rights have far reaching implications that you should not be so quick to give up. Go into your divorce matter with an attorney who knows how to negotiate and isn't afraid to litigate for your rights. The Long Island divorce, matrimonial & family law practice of Akiva Shapiro Law offers you the personal touch you are looking for. Akiva Shapiro works hard to understand your personal situation, and will help you identify your rights and will help you uncover all the assets and payments to which you are entitled, and will advocate strongly on your behalf. If you're seeking a different kind of attorney, one who will take a personal interest in your case, and will communicate with you clearly throughout the entire process, look no further.

Do you Seek Asset Protection?

Often, one spouse is seeking more than their fair share. There may be a prenuptial agreement in place which limits the other spouse's rights, but they are litigating it anyway. Or maybe you're just seeking to properly configure your estate in the event that the unexpected divorce happens down the line. The Long Island asset protection law practice of Akiva Shapiro Law can help you provide maximum protection for your assets within the four corners of the law from potential future divorces and other unforeseen future creditors. If you are seeking immediate asset protection, there are often strategies that can help you too. Akiva Shapiro will sit with you to analyze your specific situation, goals, and aspirations, and come up with a strategy that is tailored to meet your needs.