Landlord Tenant

Landlord Tenant


Property Owners

Property owners are, unfortunately, sometimes faced with tenants who are not in compliance with their lease, frequently due to their failure to timely pay rent. Akiva Shapiro Law can help landlords apply appropriate legal strategies to protect their interest in their property. Because the laws governing eviction are very detailed and specific, it is particularly important for landlords to obtain guidance from an experienced landlord/tenant lawyer like Akiva Shapiro Law.


Akiva Shapiro Law can also help tenants whose landlords are abusive, or are otherwise not complying with their lease obligations. The firm can advise you if you may be entitled to a period of rent abatement, or to another remedy designed to bring your landlord into compliance with your lease. Landlord/Tenant attorney Akiva Shapiro and stands ready to pursue all available remedies on your behalf.