Lease Negotiation

Lease Negotiation for Tenants


Are you a tenant looking to negotiate a lease with a large office building or for retail commercial space? Well, you've come to the right place.

You need to know that commercial leases are fraught with pitfalls for tenants. Standard leases offered by landlords often contain numerous clauses that are detrimental to the tenant, and can end up costing the tenant tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line.

Tenants frequently overlook the fact that lease provisions—such as, for example, rental rate, utility rate, what happens in the event of default, the necessity of a personal guaranty, renewal terms, and even clauses requiring the tenant to pay the landlord’s attorney’s fees in the event of a dispute—may be negotiable.

At the end of the day, the terms you negotiate can make or break your business and personal life down the line. The Long Island Lease Negotiation Practice of Akiva Shapiro Law can help commercial tenants ensure that their leases are consummated on the most favorable terms possible under the circumstances. Akiva Shapiro will get to know your business and your needs and will review in detail the lease proposed to you by your prospective landlord and let you know where your risks are. He will create a strategy with you and then will skillfully negotiate the best terms possible for you under the circumstances.