Business Asset Protection

Business Asset Protection


Are you Prepared for Legal Disaster?

What would happen to everything you worked for over the past 10 or 20 years, or longer, if you were to be slammed with a liability lawsuit?

What would happen to your personal savings if your business were to encounter a liability or couldn't satisfy a major creditor?

Or what would happen to your business if you were hit with a personal liability that insurance didn't cover or did't cover fully?

These are hard-hitting questions that you must ask yourself. As a successful businessperson, you focus on running your business. But if you don’t employ business asset protection strategies, the business to which you’ve devoted so much time and effort can be suddenly eviscerated by unexpected liabilities.

Risk Management Strategies

The Long Island Asset Protection Practice of Akiva Shapiro Law can help you analyze your risks and design and implement risk management strategies to cover almost any doomsday scenario that you can think of, and even some you haven't thought of.

Akiva Shapiro is highly skilled in business, opening his first business in 1976. Throughout the decades, he has started, bought, and sold many successful businesses. Additionally, Akiva Shapiro holds an International Executive MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Fuqua is recognized as one of the top business a schools in the nation, rivaling Harvard and Wharton.

Akiva Shapiro takes the time necessary to get to know your business structures and liability weak points. Business asset protection strategies include structures in which one or more limited liability companies (“LLCs”) or family limited liability companies (“FLLCs”) are designed to isolate liability at its most granular level. One of the keys is to use structures that isolate "hot assets" - potential liability-generating assets (such as real-estate, personnel, retail or manufacturing facilities, etc. ) - from "cold assets" - non-liability generating, intangible assets (such as ownership interests). As with all asset protection strategies, these types of structures are best deployed ahead of time, when there is no pending or threatened litigation.

Akiva Shapiro brings together his background, experiences, and education to formulate a strategy for you that you will feel effectively meets your needs, goals, and budget.

Transfer Ownership & Keep Control in Your Lifetime

Business asset protection strategies can also enable you to transfer your wealth so that the government takes as little as possible in estate taxes, while you maintain the greatest degree of control that is consistent with your wishes. In fact, did you know that you can give away 100% ownership of your business to your children (or others) while maintaining complete control over its operations for as long as you wish? Akiva Shapiro Law can help you achieve this lofty goal.