Off-Shore Family Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships

Off-Shore Family Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships


You've worked your whole life to accumulate your wealth, and there are some nagging potential liabilities and legal risks inherent in what you do and they keep you up at night thinking of how it may all take you down one day if you don't do something soon.

You need advanced asset protection, and you've looked to Alaska Asset Protection Trusts, Delaware Asset Protection Trusts, and even Nevada Asset Protection Trusts, but you're still unsatisfied with the risks and levels of protection these jurisdictions offer you.

If you face especially high risks, and you want to take advantage of the short statute of limitations and legal advantages of an off-short jurisdiction, turn to the Off-Shore Asset Protection Practice of Akiva Shapiro Law. Akiva Shapiro takes the time to get to know the details of your business and personal asset structure, and works with you to devise a sophisticated off-short asset protection strategy that does the best job of meeting your needs for protection while maintaining your ability to control, benefit, and profit from your hard earned assets.

Akiva Shapiro can create structures for you that include off-shore limited liability companies which have title to your assets, but which you completely control. For an additional layer of jurisdictional and statute of limitations protection against legal penetration, these off-shore LLCs can in turn be owned by off-shore trusts in toher jurisdictions. The potential solutions are world-wide and world-class.

Off-Shore jurisdictions to consider include St. Vincent, Nevis, The Cook Islands, St. Lucia, Belize, and Switzerland. Each offers different benefits. Akiva Shapiro will help you decipher the details so you can make the business decision that is best for you.

As with all asset protection strategies, the safest and most effective planning is before the liability at risk turns into a reality. So planning early is prudent. But even if you find yourself in the middle of a quagmire, a call to Akiva Shapiro can help get you on track, deploying legally defensible strategies that will yield the best results within the bounds of your situation and the structures of the law.